The waitress in the restaurant was rude

My family plus I were looking forward to going out plus having a nice breakfast.

Every week plus every one of us were trying to do something new plus every one of us decided to go to a restaurant that had recently opened up in our town. There was a much greater eating establishment that every one of us frequently visited, however every one of us wanted to try out something new plus so trying out an old genre restaurant seemed very beautiful. I very liked the whole vintage aesthetic of the locale plus the food was very amazing. The only thing that they could have improved on however it was the a/c. They did have a commercial Heating plus A/C component inside of the restaurant, however you could hardly tell because the Heating plus A/C component plus the restaurant did not do a very nice job of putting out any kind of cool air. At one point I even went over by a seat where I was standing directly underneath an air vent that was on the ceiling plus I tried to put my hand in front to see if there was any cool air however I only felt warm air. I decided to ask a waitress about it however when I asked the waitress that came over to us they provided me a very Curt plus somewhat rude response. They simply responded that they did not think when the Heating plus A/C plan would be fixed however I should not very worry about the heating or cooling plan plus focus more on the food is that was the reason why every one of us were supposed to be here. This response is very aggravatedting to me however I didn’t let it get to me too much plus I decided to just to get up plus leave. I didn’t even bother to pay for the food because I didn’t eat any of it. After that experience I didn’t go back there plus I continue to go into the main eating establishment every one of us decided to go to for every weekend before. It was nice to be there because I appreciate the restaurant, it had great food plus well as equally great AC system.



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