The boss finally decided to go with my idea

For the longest time, people at the office have been fighting over the temperature control settings.

I kept telling the boss that they should invest in a proper zoned HVAC system.

I told him the details and how the office space could be divided into different zones with their own thermostats. I told him how everybody would be more comfortable and would probably work harder than before because they wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable. The boss always said he would consider it, but he never put the plan into action until recently. I was actually surprised because I never thought he would go for it. He ended up telling me that the HVAC system was on its last legs and he might as well go for the upgrade. He said when he was speaking with the HVAC professionals, he thought about me always suggesting the HVAC zone control upgrade, and he asked the HVAC professionals about it. They were actually having a special on HVAC zone control upgrades and so he chose to invest in that. Now we have the ideal HVAC system and everybody seems so much happier now, just as I predicted. I don’t know that everybody works harder, but employee morale is at an all time high and I don’t see people fighting nearly as much. For the simple fact that there is less fighting and more work, I know that the boss is really pleased with the choice for the HVAC upgrade. He was even talking about promoting me soon because he sees a lot of potential in me.

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