Reclaiming control of the HVAC thermostat

Sometimes I just have to step up and be the bad cop.

This is sort of a role reversal really.

Normally, my wife really is the bad cop and I’m sort of the good cop. She seems to have a much better way with the kids when it comes to enforcing rules. I’m just sort of there to support her and make sure that the kids listen. But when it came to the way the kids were using and abusing the HVAC equipment, I got bad cop in a hurry. This is not a new situation for us. I’ve been on the children for a while when it comes to the heating and cooling behavior I’ve observed. I’ve tried to explain to them that the HVAC equipment is very expensive and not something to be jerked around or abuse. Apparently, this information has gone in one ear and out the other. I get the nods from the kids when I give the HVAC equipment lecture but days later, I come home to find a window open and the air conditioning blasting. It makes me crazy. Well, I finally hit my limit. Last Saturday, I came home from doing some errands to find the sliding glass door completely wide open. It’s 97 degrees outside and the sliding glass door is wide open. Oh but the thermostat was set at 65 degrees. I nearly went completely postal. However, I gathered myself, called the HVAC company and took back the thermostat. The HVAC technician installed a smart thermostat and I’m the only person who can unlock the manual thermostat setting.



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