Our son wanted to go watch an orchestra play music

Since our son got into music, he expressed interest in going to an orchestra.

I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea, but I told my family members to wear something warm because sometimes they crank the A/C system a great deal at these events. Well, when we got to the orchestra, it was the opposite of what I was thinking. I thought it was going to be extremely chilly, but instead it was severely overheated. It seemed as though the A/C system wasn’t even working, but we still tried to focus on the music. It was entirely uncomfortable and I even had to go outside a few times because to me it felt cooler outside in the warm weather, which was saying a lot. I actually wondered how the people in the orchestra were able to perform under these conditions. Towards the end, I saw a few HVAC technicians walk to a certain area, I guess to get the A/C system working again. Before everything was eventually over, that’s when the A/C started flowing and the place started to cool down. I just wished that they would have resolved the issue with the A/C system before we even got there. I felt pretty stupid there with my coat and my family all had warm clothing too and that just made things worse. I hope that my son doesn’t mind going to see the orchestra in the near future. I’m sure we will need our coats next time though unless we go in the winter when they need to crank the heating system.


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