Our shared cottage has been upgraded with a nice HVAC

There is nothing quite like the pleasure of getting away for a 3 or 4 day weekend when I can.

My career is terribly demanding so getting away is crucial for me to unwind.

Getting out of the zone controlled Heating and A/C of the office and out in nature is certainly the best thing for me. There is something about the quiet and simplicity of resting in the woods that I find so centering. But, until recently, there was a bit of trouble with my trips to the cottage every one of us shared with other members of the family. The ultimate concern is that I like spending time with my loved ones and I just couldn’t get them out of the air conditioner comfort of lake cottage and up there. They just don’t find the cottage or nature as inviting and pleasing as I do. The main reason for that is the lack of modern residential Heating and A/C and WIFI access. So after speaking with my loved ones about it, every one of us decided to update the cottage to a certain degree to get people a bit more thrilled about getting up there. We started by getting satellite cable and internet. That seems completely counterintuitive to myself and others however that seemed to be a deal breaker if we didn’t do that. Then, I called our Heating and A/C supplier to see if I could get a Heating and A/C expert out there to do something about the heating and cooling. Prior to adding Heating and A/C machine, there was only a wood stove for heating and zero air conditioner machine in the summer season. I had to spend extra although I got 2 ductless heat pumps installed in the cottage. With the amazing updates, I’m now genuinely getting requests to go to the cottage for the weekend regularly.
Electric heating system