It was a hard choice to move my family to a new location

It was not very easy when I chose to move my family to a new place.

We had to leave behind all our friends and the people we have known forever.

There is a bar that I regularly frequented over the years. All the people there are practically like family to me. I even helped the owner of the bar install a new ductless mini split which now provides HVAC zone control in the joint and people really appreciate that. There was a time when people would argue about the temperature control settings, but now if you want to be comfortable, just go to the side of the bar that feels best. Everybody was trying to talk me into not moving to another place and that I should just live there until the day I die. As nice as I felt that might be, I wanted to move to a place where the schools were better for the little ones and we didn’t have to worry about all the crime that was sweeping across the community, especially after the police department was defunded. We are actually enjoying our new area now, but every so often I make sure to visit my hometown and I always stop by the bar. They treat me like a celebrity these days because they don’t see me nearly as often and I was always popular with everybody there. Sometimes they even offer drinks in the house and that’s an enjoyable thing. The last time I went to visit the bar, I was surprised because they have a new fireplace in there, it’s so fantastic!


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