I noticed the issues with the HVAC system when I started working from home

I didn’t know what I was going to do when we first had to work from home when the pandemic came around.

  • I didn’t have a home office or anything, only a guest bedroom.

I told my wife that to make this transition work, I was going to need to convert that guest bedroom into an office space. She said that was fine since we wouldn’t be expecting company for a long time anyway. We didn’t know what to expect with how everything was going. When I first started working in my new office, I learned pretty fast that it was not very comfortable there. I wondered for a moment how our guests felt when they would come over to stay the night in that room. It was so stuffy in there and it seemed like there was no HVAC treated air coming from the HVAC vents. I decided to call up the HVAC company to see what could be done. When the HVAC professional looked at everything, he found the main issue was with the ductwork system. There were all kinds of leaks in the system and I honestly had no clue about any of that. He said it was going to be terribly expensive to have the ductwork system fixed and I wasn’t feeling too good about that. He said there was a good option though and that was to upgrade to a ductless mini split. He said I wouldn’t have to worry about fixing the ductwork with this type of upgrade, and it wasn’t too overpriced. I decided to have the ductless mini split installed with numerous zones, and it’s the best choice I have ever made. The house is so much more comfortable, especially in my office and even the air quality is better! Don’t even get me started with the low energy bills.

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