Was experiencing some serious breathing complications

It wasn’t too long ago when I went to the doctor.

  • I was experiencing breathing complications and what seemed to be an irregular heartbeat in my mind.

When the doctor checked me, he said there was absolutely nothing wrong with my heart which I was grateful for. He did say that my breathing troubles were likely due to the HVAC system in my home. He said he dealt with patients having trouble breathing all the time, and it was unfortunately due to negligent HVAC system care. He asked me if I could breathe better during my visit to the hospital and I had to admit it was much easier for me. He explained that was because they had a UV air purification system installed in the hospital. He told me how the UV light works to eradicate harmful pathogens so sickness doesn’t spread through the hospital. He also said the system uses HEPA filters which filter out 99.9% of contaminants. I realized he was right and he easily proved his point, so I went straight to the HVAC company after leaving the hospital. I picked up a couple of portable UV air purifiers, some HEPA filters that were the correct size for my HVAC and the HVAC expert even talked me into getting a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat was a wonderful idea because now I am saving a lot of money on my energy bills, I’m breathing easier, and I feel less stressed out like there really isn’t anything wrong with my heart. Maybe I was just having a panic attack before.



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