The portable AC unit was great for our party spot

It started out as a party spot, and then developed into our full-time hangout spot.

Eventually we spent more time there than we did at home, but that took a little doing.

It was an old cabin in the woods, in the middle of logging country. We guessed it was an old hunting lodge, but it hadn’t been used in twenty or thirty years. It was empty, just four walls and a roof, but the doors and windows were sound. It was a great place to drink beer and get stoned. We really wanted air conditioning for it, though, to make it more like home. Chairs would be nice, eventually, but I didn’t mind sitting on the floor if I had some AC on a hot summer day. We all pooled our scant amount of money, and realized we would have to go without beer or weed for a whole week to pay for the air conditioner. We put it to a vote, which passed, so we got the portable air conditioner and then started working for “party supplies” to enjoy with it. Having air conditioning in our own cabin changed the game, and made us very popular on weekends when everyone wanted a place to chill and drink. Once we had A/C and were old enough to not have to go home every night, a few of us started just staying there for days at a time. When the winter came we used the old fireplace to keep us warm. I went back to see it after twenty years, and wouldn’t you know it, that portable air conditioner was still there! It didn’t work, though.


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