Thirteen is her lucky number.

No one wanted to go to room thirteen, but she did.

There is something odd, but strangely interesting about my mother-in-law. When she told me that thirteen is not just her lucky number, but she feels it is also a blessed number for her. She worked in a hotel for quite some time. She cleaned the rooms and made sure everything was running smoothly for those who would come to stay at the hotel. She didn’t look at herself as a cleaning lady, but as an ambassador of goodwill. She said she helped to make a good impression on the people who stayed in her rooms. When she went into a room, she would reset the thermostat so that it helped to save on wear and tear of a HVAC system. When she knew a new person was coming into the room, she would check the towels and turn up the thermostat so the room was at a comfortable temperature. When I asked her why thirteen was a blessed number, she said that most of the girls she worked with didn’t want to go into a room if it ended in thirteen. Thirteen was supposed to be a bad luck number. She had been told that there was someone coming into one of her rooms and had set the thermostat to sixty-eight. When the person got into the room, he called housekeeping, complaining about how cold it was. No one wanted to go to room thirteen, but she did. Seh knew to change the batteries in the thermostat. When she went to leave, he gave her a large tip. The tip was almost as big as her weekly paycheck. She couldn’t believe he gave her that much money just for changing the batteries in a thermostat.


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