The coupon saved me almost half price

Last week was a really long week.

Monday morning, my wife and I woke up and found out that the sink started leaking overnight.

We had a puddle of water in the kitchen and it took three days to dry out the cupboard. We had to call a plumber to fix the leak, because it required cutting away the wall. As soon as we got the leak fixed and the floor dried, we heard the sound of the carbon monoxide detector beeping in the basement. My wife and I had to call the heating company to get a contractor out to the house. We found out that our furnace needed a new heat exchanger. It has been one problem after another for the last week. We wrote a check to the plumber to fix the leak under the sink and the next day we were writing a check to the heating company. Luckily, the guy working for the heating company told my wife and I about a coupon that was in the monthly magazine. My wife drove to the store to find the magazine so she could use the coupon. That saved us almost half price on the cost of the installation fees. The heat exchanger was very expensive, but we shouldn’t have any more problems with the furnace for a long time. After two large issues with our indoor appliances, my wife and I were ready for the weekend and some time to put up our feet. I hope that next week will be filled with a lot less surprises.

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