Our vacation wasn’t as nice as we had imagined it would be.

For years, my wife had been talking about going abroad and visiting her family’s home country.

  • We looked at so many brochures, I wasn’t sure if we even had to go on vacation since we already saw nearly the entire country in pictures.

Finally, she had me convinced that we should take our vacation and spend it in her mother’s country. From the very beginning of our trip I was wishing I hadn’t come along with her. The air quality on the airplane was so bad that I wanted to scream. My eyes were watering, and no matter what I tried to do with the air vents, I couldn’t change the air quality. I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and finally have some good air conditioning and air quality. When we finally landed, the entire countryside was shrouded with fog. When we got out of the airport, it didn’t take long before we realized it wasn’t fog, but air pollution. The air smelled worse than the air on the plane. My wife was disappointed because the country didn’t look anything like it did in the brochures we had looked at. The air quality in the hotel was just as bad. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have any air purification in the hotel, let alone air conditioning to keep us comfortable. I said to my wife about the hotel saying they had air conditioning and she said yes. If this was air conditioning, I didn’t want to see what heating was. We did a little bit of shopping, but nothing made me happier than getting back onto that plane and heading back home where I had air conditioning, and good air quality.

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