I am not a person who enjoys training.

I suddenly realized that I was once just like this kid

I have loved being an HVAC specialist, but I never wanted to have to train a new HVAC technician. Being around my kids and having one of them offer to help, was enough to put the fear of God in my heart. I would do almost anything to get out of letting one of my kids work with me. Needing to work with a new HVAC technician was even worse. They think they know everything, but they know nothing but what is in the books. I was really upset when I found out I was about to be saddled with a new employee and I was going to need to give him some practical training. I wasn’t very gracious at first. I went about doing my job, basically ignoring the young man I was with. Every time he tried to ask me a question, I got a bit more perturbed. I asked him what he learned while in HVAC technical school. He said he knew everything, but he hadn’t had any hands-on training. I tried answering all of his questions as well as I could. It didn’t take long to realize he actually knew very little. He knew the terms and what the parts were and what they were for. I had to lead him through every repair we had. I suddenly realized that I was once just like this kid. I was a greenhorn at one time and someone had to guide me like and it must have been like guiding a blind puppy. After a while, I really didn’t mind having him along. It was good company and he didn’t mind do all of the grunt work that goes with working on HVAC systems.


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