Bye-bye vacation, hello new geothermal heat pump

I didn’t get to go on vacation last year, because I spent the money on a new geothermal heat pump.

I was going to go to the mountains to go skiing.

I had the perfect vacation cabin already picked out online and I even put a small deposit down to save the date. I had not been skiing since I moved down south and I was really looking forward to a winter vacation with snow and ice. Then I found out that I needed to buy a new heat pump for my house. I really wanted a geothermal heat pump, but I thought I had a few more years of life left in the old one. I wasn’t expecting to make the purchase when I found out that the old heat pump was done for good. I had to make a quick decision. Did I want to go skiing on my week of vacation or go forward with the more expensive but much more eco friendly geothermal option? I knew that I didn’t have any other option, so I told the HVAC contractor to order the machine. I called the vacation rental company and told them that I need to cancel my reservation. Since I was still sixty days away, they refunded my down payment and I used it for the new heat pump. I’m starting to save again so I can try getting away next winter. I know that geothermal heat pumps will last twenty years, so nothing will stop me this time. Next January, I will be swishing down the slopes with the cold wind in hair.


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