The space heater is a danger

I accidentally tripped over my area heater the other day, and I was irate.

I couldn’t believe how upset I got over a stupid area heater.

First of all, I dislike using an area furnace in the first place. I sincerely wish that my stupid gas furnace would just task officially. However, the existing gas furnace is getting old, and it is falling into disrepair. I honestly suppose that I am going to have to replace the gas furnace soon, but right now, I truly cannot afford to replace the gas furnace, so I have to use a area furnace for a while to make up for the lack of heat my gas furnace created. I have 1 of those tiny radiating area heaters. This area furnace is filled with oil, and the oil is consistently heated up using electricity. Sure, it is not the most efficient use of expensive energy, but the heat that the area furnace creates makes it feel warm and toasty. I usually try to keep the area furnace at the edge of the room. The area furnace is quite large, and our living room is small. If the two of us put the area furnace in the dead middle of the room, it is a tripping hazard. This week, while I was carrying a container of laundry through the living room for everyone, I tripped over the area heater. The area furnace was in the middle of the floor, as required. I was able to keep my cool, although I am going to kill my damn partner when he gets home.

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