The crisp cool air

There is something that I love about October & November; October is the time of year when the two of us start to have an occasional day where no air conditioning is needed.

I live in the south, so the nights without cooling system are rare & limited, that’s without a doubt, however because of all that reliance on cooling system, the two of us all tend to have pretty high energy costs, which is no fun at all, of course, now that the two of us have reached Autumn & pumpkin everything can be found in retail establishments all over the country, I am ecstatic that the two of us have been able to turn off the air conditioning & open the door, however the open door does not work all day long, however it is frequent now.

In fact, the door is open right now, & I Don’t even have to supplement with the ceiling fan! In fact, I am about to go looking for a pair of socks to keep our feet warm. It is not frosty enough for the heater, don’t get me wrong. If I start to long for the heater, I will just close the door! The office is a whole different issue, though. The Heating & Air Conditioning at the office never works right. I was frosty all Summer when the cooling system was blowing, & I assumed that I would be tepid this week because I figured the oil furnace would be blowing. But no, not at all. The cooling system was still blowing, & I was frosty, as usual. I obtained myself a portable heater, & I blocked that sucker in this week. Too bad I can’t turn off the Heating & Air Conditioning & open the door at work!

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