The burn will heal, the paranoia may not

I burned my leg on the area heater, and it made me so freaking angry. I almost broke the area furnace because I was so mad at the small heater. Obviously, I suppose that it isn’t the fault of the area heater. A area furnace is only just a machine, and I was the 1 that decided to put the area furnace in the middle of the room for heat. I wish that I didn’t have to use that stupid area furnace at all. If I didn’t have to use the tiny area furnace at all, I would be able to avoid the area heater. However, my gas furnace is very terrible, and the living room is consistently genuinely cold. I feel that there is something going wrong with the vent for the living room, but whenever I try to get the relevant landlord to take care of the gas furnace, he tells me that the gas furnace has very consistently been acting like that. Apparently, he thinks that there is nothing that the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals in town can do about it. That is why he recommended that I go out and buy an area furnace for the room. I was pretty aggravated about that, although I certainly have l learned how to deal with it. One of the problems with the area furnace is that it has to go smack dab into the middle of the room. Today, I accidentally tripped over the area heater, and I managed to severely burn my leg in the process.

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