Technological advances in HVAC

For sure, I use technology.

It’s ever present in my life pretty much. But, it wasn’t always that way and I am far, far from a tech guy. In fact, it wasn’t very long ago that I went from tiny cell phone to smart phone. So while I definitely use tech, I am so not on the forefront. There are times at work when I get so frustrated with technology that I have to go put my face into the HVAC vent. This helps me from screaming and then just calling it a day. Yet, all these electronics are omnipresent and are certainly not going anywhere. I even have moved on to a piece of technology for the HVAC. That’s right, I have a smart HVAC thermostat that can manage the heating & cooling of my house far better than I ever could. It has been a wonderful addition to our lives. There were plenty of my peers who jumped on the smart HVAC thing right away. Actually, I sort of missed the boat on that one. But, you live and learn right? I know that each person who had the HVAC smart thermostat was really stoked to have it. That should have been enough for me. However, I have this thing with tech gadgets. I don’t really want to be the guy who buys something only to have it be obsolete in months. So, I waited on the smart thermostat. It’s too bad because it could have been saving me money for a much longer period. I was stunned the first month I checked my utility bill. It was like nearly 15 percent lower and that was without doing anything other than installing the smart thermostat.


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