Just a few changes to behavior yields great HVAC savings

This year has been the most challenging of any I can rightly remember.

And, it seems as though it just gets worse.

Now, we are going into the winter in such a precarious spot with regard to the pandemic. It’s not enough that we have dealt with this for 8 months or more but, the worst may yet be in front of us. However, I am trying to look for bright spots and one of those includes the HVAC. With our income being reduced, it was really important that our household do everything we could to slash spending. There really wasn’t anywhere in the budget that didn’t get a bit of a trim. The HVAC utility costs were high up on the list of spending cuts. We live in an area where our main weather concern is the heat of summer. Fortunately, we have a great HVAC that is efficient. However, we knew there was money being left on the table regarding cost savings. That’s because we had never totally committed to making some cost saving changes. The first thing we did was get accustomed to having the house warmer. That is just where you have to start. While there are other valuable tactics, they pale in comparison to HVAC setting discipline. It’s pretty simple really. As the peak heating hours bring the temperature way up outside, we allow the inside temps to rise as well. However, we used fans and shades to help us feel much cooler while greatly reducing the HVAC demand. It really did end up being a bright spot in this difficult year. We ended up saving a few hundred dollars over the entire summer on HVAC costs.

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