I would like one, myself

For the first time in my life, I accidentally saw an outdoor wood stove.

Of course, when I saw the gas furnace, I recognized it as such, right away. Two years ago, I did some expansive research on gas furnaces for my own purposes. I was trying to find the most efficient way to heat my apartment during the winter. I have regularly lived in an RV, and I knew that normal gas furnaces would not work. I had to eventually replace my heating idea because the aged gas furnace in my camper wasn’t working officially anymore. It was not a substantial surprise because the gas furnace was entirely older than I even was. I was amazed that the gas furnace lasted that long. However, without my old gas furnace, I had to figure out a way to heat my house. I considered a lot of available options for heating my camper, and 1 of the options included an outdoor wood stove setup. This would act as a wood stove, but it would be located outside your house. You almost had to construct a building around the wood stove to keep the heat in, then vents would be able to link from the wood stove into your house. The outdoor wood stove could also easily heat all of your water, getting rid of your need for a water heater. However, you know these gas furnaces are genuinely fancy and taxing to set up. In fact, the total cost of installing 1 of these gas furnaces was worth more than my camper.
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