HVAC sizing is critical

It has finally happened and I wasn’t so sure it ever would. Later in life, I have become a homeowner. It’s a situation that I thought might just be out of my reach and yet it has materialized. My wife and I spent so many years dealing with apartments and the loud neighbors, poor HVAC, etc. But almost out of nowhere came an inheritance we simply didn’t see coming. I was sitting in the HVAC comfort in my home when I received a registered letter that would ultimately change our lives. Had that not happened, I would still be pestering some rental office to do something about the HVAC. That is sort of ironic given one of the first challenges to our rookie homeownership was the HVAC. We bought a house in an as is condition because the price was so good. The bones of the house were in great shape. However the rest of it needed a whole lot of work. It really wasn’t in any condition to move into until we did something with the HVAC system. That old heating & cooling unit actually still ran but that was about it. It was obvious we would have to replace it so we contacted an HVAC contractor. He took one look at the HVAC unit and noted that it was far too small for the volume it was supposed to be heating and cooling. He explained that he saw this far too often when general contractors were cutting corners. He assured us that whether we went with ductless HVAC or replaced the central air system, he would get us the right sized heating U cooling unit.

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