HVAC at the Car Repair Shop

My daughter is one of those people who takes extra special care of her car.

Of course, she absolutely loves her car, and she spends a lot of time in it, as well.

She travels a lot for her job, so her car is almost like a home away from home. She always takes her car to the dealer repair center for everything from repairs to oil changes. She even gets her tires rotated there. That is the opposite of me; I know that the dealers are outrageous, so I found a good mechanic that I trust and I take my car there. Of course, my car is old, and I have had to get the a/c repaired once. There hasn’t been much else wrong with it, though. Unfortunately, the a/c broke when I was on a trip south, and it was miserable. I left at 3:00 am to come back home just so I wouldn’t need the a/c as much as I would at noon. Anyway, the people at the Honda dealer know my daughter very well. She always takes her laptop and all her files in with her when she goes. She sets herself up a little temporary office in the waiting room, so she doesn’t even get bothered if they take a long time. Well, except for one time. One day, she headed in as usual to get her oil changed and her a/c fluid and transmission fluid and so on checked. She set up her little temporary office, and then realized it was about 1000 degrees in there. The guys in the shop let her know that the a/c was not working. In addition, they sent two of the guys home because they have asthma and can’t breathe well without the air conditioning, so her car would take longer than usual. My daughter is like me – hates doing anything without air conditioning. So, she called me, and I went and picked her up and we had lunch in a lovely air-conditioned restaurant.


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