Our HVAC technician said that we should install an air purifier

Our HVAC technician was here last week working on our central air conditioning system and we started talking about all kinds of things.

The A/C hadn’t been working at full capacity so he was checking it out to see if it needed any new parts or anything.

He was also changing out the air filters for us. He was very friendly and easy to talk to and so we talked about religion, politics, families, and even our wives. At one point the conversation turned to how my wife and kids all have issues with allergies for a big part of the year and the HVAC technician had all kinds of things to say about that. He said that if he were me, the first thing that he would do was get rid of the cheap air filters that we had been using in our HVAC unit. He told me that he would replace the A/C filter with a better, allergy reducing HEPA filter if I wanted him to. Then he said that the next thing he would do would be to schedule a professional air duct and ventilation system cleaning. He said that sometimes, pollen and dust can accumulate in your air ducts and it can end up causing all kinds of problems in your ventilation system and wreak havoc on your allergies. This is especially true if you somehow end up needing ductwork sealing. Sometimes the air ducts can break or get holes in them and that lets dust and debris in that would otherwise be kept out of the closed system. He also suggested that we install a whole home air purification system.


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