I love her and her crazy ideas

My mother seems to think that back luck always comes in threes.

I used to make fun of her for all of her superstitious ways back when I was growing up.

I was thinking that it was all a big joke; But now, I am starting to think that she’s right; And it’s all because of this horrible month that I’ve had! This month I have had all kinds of awful things happen to me. I got a flat tire on our way to work on Friday and then on Sunday, our study room sink flooded the whole first floor of our apartment. I was up to our ears in unexpected expenses, and I simply started thinking that something else was bound to happen. I now believe if I willed it on myself, however, just after I thought that, our central air conditioning system unit stopped working. It was a single of the hottest nights of the year and I was already tied up out and covered in sweat when I heard a bang and a very obsurd whirring noise from the furnace room in the basement. A few minutes later, I could see that there was no longer any chilly air blowing from our air conditioning vents. I couldn’t guess it. I mean, I half expected something else poor to happen to me this week, however I absolutely didn’t want it to be our air conditioning system breaking down on me. I was ready to cry, because I knew that the air conditioning system repairs were absolutely going to cost me a fortune. On the bright side, our local Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier was running a special on air conditioning system repairs and repair. Thank goodness the air conditioning system repairs didn’t cost as much as I thought it would.



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