He knew it was a surprise party, based on air temperature

Sometimes I think that my husband is too smart.

He is always on top of things and it’s really hard to pull the wool over his eyes at any point.

Even if I’m making a simple white lie to try to circumvent more painful truths… He knows. It’s like he can read every situation from the moment he walks into the room. Sometimes I think that he can even read my thoughts. It’s really helpful to have such a smart cookie around the house but I wish that I could get away with deceit once in a while. For instance, the day that I tried to throw him a surprise party and my husband’s acute intelligence immediately ruined the plans. I had everybody in the house hidden away and we waited with bated breath for my husband to get home. Unfortunately, the moment that he walked inside and took a breath he realized that the indoor air quality was off. Because there were extra bodies in the house I had increased the air conditioning settings. He could tell that the thermostat was turned down lower than normal. As soon as he sensed the ice cold air in the room he somehow realized that we weren’t alone in the house. He stopped in his tracks, looked at the thermostat and asked who was visiting. He wouldn’t drop the question, even as I walked him into the living room he was asking about the AC settings. When everybody jumped out and yelled surprise my husband just looked at them and said hello. He then walked over to the thermostat and turned it back to the eco settings that we normally use.

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