AC unit was too small for house, broke down in one summer

When you move into a new rental you kind of assume that the landlord has fixed up the house before you’re trying to reside in it.

Apparently, this is too much to ask for.

Living in this city the rental market is so competitive but you really never know what you’re going to end up with. I swear that people could rent out a shed in their backyard for $1,000 a month around here. As such, I guess it was foolish of me to believe that my landlord would have taken care of the indoor air handling devices with professional heating and cooling technicians on his side. I had this random thought that he installed high-quality central heating and cooling devices at the house. I’m not sure why I believed that we would have an energy efficient and modern air conditioning unit or furnace… Because I was definitely incorrect with my HVAC assumptions. I was living in the house for one month before I realized that the energy bill was way too high. It seems like the heating and cooling system must be running more than necessary to be using so much electricity. I mentioned it to my landlord but he wouldn’t make a statement about the heating and cooling devices. I found out the hard way when my air conditioning system broke down one day. As an HVAC technician inspected the cooling system he offhandedly remarked that it was a strange choice for the house. Apparently, I was using an AC unit that was half as powerful as it should have been for the volume of indoor air. No wonder my energy bills were always so high and the air conditioning unit broke down every month for the remainder of my lease.

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