The heating appliance actually shut off and failed to crank back on

Our heating appliance shut off as well as won’t turn back on. I realize that it is August, and most people don’t need their furnace to be working during this time. Where all of us live though, it gets pretty frosty at night even in August. It gets down to the forties during the night hours, as well as the dwelling gets pretty cold. All of us use our furnace only at night starting in August. It sounds entirely nuts to most people when I tell them that all of us use our furnace in the summer season, but I don’t rest well in the cold. I genuinely prefer our dwelling to be at least seventy degrees, but I can sleep if it is at least sixty-eight degrees. Every one of us usually set our temperature control unit to sixty-eight degrees while all of us are in the summer time so that the furnace kicks on at night when it falls below sixty-eight degrees. Well, I woke up last night, and the dwelling felt quite cold. I could hear the furnace working, however then, it turned off. I thought that it was very bizarre that the furnace turned off even though it felt brutally cold. I went back to sleep however I was nippy but I figured it was just me. I am almost always frosty anyway. My fiance as well as I woke up the following morning to a forty degree dwelling. It was so frosty I didn’t want to get out of bed. Seemingly, the furnace turned off in the middle of the night when I heard it shut off, however it didn’t turn back on after that. My fiance tried to manually turn it back on, although he was not able to get it to turn on. Thankfully, it isn’t winter, however all of us still need to get our furnace fixed sooner than later.

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