My job pays for gym membership

It’s especially convenient that I drive right by the gym on my way to and from work

I get along great with the people I work with. My company does a lot of great things for the employees. One of the things I appreciate the most is the free fitness center membership. The company offers this to all employees through a corporate wellness program. I wasn’t aware of the corporate wellness program when I first got hired. begin with. I then learned about all the wonderful perks, such as the free fitness center membership. I saw this as too good to be true. The corporate wellness program has been a great thing for me. I really enjoy going to the fitness center as often as possible. Having access to such a wide range of exercise equipment allows me to keep in peak physical shape! I like to run on the treadmill and lift free weights. I enjoy getting my heart pumping and working up a sweat. Afterward, I often sit in the sauna for a while. It is super relaxing. One of the main things I like about the fitness center is that the locker rooms are very clean and modern. I can safely store my possessions in the lockers. The showers provide plenty of hot water and water pressure. The gym has all of the amenities and keeps up with latest innovations in fitness. I could never afford membership to such a place. I am lucky that the corporate wellness program covers the bill for it. I use it as much as possible. It’s especially convenient that I drive right by the gym on my way to and from work. I usually get my workout first thing in the morning and then head to work. If there isn’t enough time, I stop on my way home. I like to put in at least an hour for my workout.


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