My husband found us a new boiler

My husband found us a new boiler.

We had been needing one for quite some time, but we didn’t have the money to just go out and buy a brand new boiler.

I was hoping that we would find one on sale or used, but my husband did an even better job and found a boiler for free. I don’t know how he works his magic, but he is always getting things for free, and it makes me jealous. He went garage saling last week, and at one of the garage sales, he saw a boiler. He said that he could tell that it was brand new and had never been used. He asked the lady there how much she was selling the boiler for. She named a price, but it was a bit more than he was hoping to pay, so he told her that. She asked why he wanted the boiler, and he told her the truth. We had been looking for a new boiler because ours was not working properly, but we could not afford to buy a brand new one. The sweet and generous lady then proceeded to give my husband the boiler for free. He said that he was a bit shocked at first, but he took the boiler and went on his merry way. What a nice lady. I am so glad that we finally have a new boiler. Now, we won’t have to worry about having to take cold showers anymore. It will be so nice to have warm water for more than five minutes in our house. The new boiler is awesome, and my husband said that it is a great name brand as well.