Boardwalk after hours

I absolutely love the boardwalk down the shore.

  • I spend all of my summer months here with my other half.

We really love taking long walks along the boardwalk and down to the beach after hours. When I say after hours I am talking about right after everything closes and it gets quiet. This is around 11pm usually. Sitting on the beach under the boardwalk is amazing. The air quality from the ocean is so beautiful it is like having mother nature’s version of a whole home air purification system that being an air purifier for the entire area outside! How cool is that? I have never been anywhere else where you have air quality so great and natural that it nearly beats a whole home air purification system. Me and my other half love it. After doing this we go back to our summer home and open up the windows with the central air conditioning system on a low thermostat setting and enjoy the cool air conditioning along with more of the great air quality that is carrying over from the beach which is only about 10 miles away. That is how great that ocean breeze air quality is. It can carry quite a ways to make it the best air quality in the entire area where we have our beautiful summer home! You just can’t get this anywhere else in this country as far as I know. I always look forward to every single summer because of the boardwalk, the beach and the top notch air quality!


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