A little cleaning can go a long way

Here is a little tip for you all. If you are looking to reduce the amount of times you have to have your ductwork cleaned in a year, you simply just have to keep up on your personal house cleaning! I bet you didn’t know that did you? If we keep our homes free of as much dust and dirt in the place as much as possible, this will reduce the amount of air particles getting inside the ductwork of your central heating and air conditioning system and make it so you can get away with only having your ductwork cleaned maybe once every year and a half verses a few times per year. This is something I actually learned from a friend of mine who is a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. We were having lunch one day and he started giving me this useful tip when we got on the subject of cleaning ductwork. I had mentioned that I had not got my ductwork cleaned in a long time, and he told me that I really didn’t need to because of how clean my house is and how much I always do general house cleaning on a bi weekly basis. This really shocked me. He said that in some cases, you can even go a few years or more without having your ductwork cleaned if your home is completely dust and dirt free. Also you need to remember to change the air filter of your central heating and air conditioning system as well to make this method work.


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