My white fan blades were black.

I seldom turn my ceiling fans off.

I like the way my ceiling fans keep the temperatures even in my house.

I guess I never thought much about my ceiling fans and how they affect more than my homes’ temperature. It wasn’t until I turned off the ceiling fans to dust them, that I realized how dirty they were. I had someone tell me that odors linger in the dust. I was soon to find out how true this was. I had the ceiling fan off and I had my ladder up to the one in the kitchen. I not only didn’t think about the odors in dust, or how much grease was in my air. I went to clean the ceiling fan and I need a lot more than a dust cloth. There was a greasy mess on the top and sides of the fan blades that I could get off with a cloth. When I pulled the duster away, I could smell the oil and I thought about how much this was affecting my air quality. If the fan was blowing the heating and air conditioning around, it was also spreading all of the dust and grease around the air. My air quality was getting very polluted. I decided to take the fan blades off the fan and scrub them properly. I noticed a difference in my air quality, even before I had all the fan blades cleaned. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I could feel a difference in how well the air conditioning was circulating. I made a decision to put fan blade cleaning onto my list of things to do, whenever I had my HVAC system maintenance done.

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