Let me pay you!

Don’t you hate it the way things are these modern days? I suppose I do! Especially when it comes to all this stupid kindle stuff plus cell PC stuff, however i may be showing our age, however at the same time, it seems no 1 this month wants the human touch on anything plus as a result they make life so much more complicated than it has to be, however… it’s experiences like the other month that drive me nuts.

I had the local heating plus air conditioner supplier come to give our central heat plus high quality cooling system method an HVAC tune up… When it was done I was expecting to go ahead and either pay by credit card or cash, but no, this heating plus cooling specialist said I had to pay with some brand new app on a PC, however this thing was the most complex plus difficult thing they could have chosen to use just to pay a bill! I mean, was the point? Why couldn’t this stupid guy just take credit or credit cards love they did before? We were both right there.

All I suppose is I will not be using this heating plus air conditioner supplier for my home ever again after this! There are other heating plus cooling companies all around in the section that have not fallen into this new millennial trap. Those definitely are the heating plus air conditioner companies that will get our appointments scheduled moving forward.


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