If you have a fireplace, show it some love.

Many of the older homes in our area have the original fireplace from when the homes were built.

The homes are absolutely stunning, since most of them date back into the late 1700’s to early 1900’s.

It is a charming sight to see when looking at the difference in architecture. They mostly had fireplaces in those eras and most of them are still in the houses. I work for a company that specializes in taking care of fireplaces and chimneys. I tell people that they are smart if they keep the fireplace, when they have their soon-to-be home inspected. I also tell them they need to take care of it. I point out the fire bricks that need to be kept in good shape and how important it is to have the chimney cleaned regularly. I compare it to their furnace and air conditioning unit. I remind them that the HVAC system needs to have yearly maintenance to make sure it is going to run efficiently in heating and cooling, and also in energy use. The HVAC company will clean the HVAC system and make small repairs if it is needed. When it comes to the fireplace, the fireplace specialist will have the chimney cleaned, the hearth and flue will be cleaned and it will be inspected. This makes sure the fireplace will be safe to operate and that it will heat efficiently without the worries of fire. Safety and efficiency should always be at the forefront of your mind when deciding if you want the fireplace in your home. I have mine and on those cold nights, it’s nice to know that if anything goes wrong with your furnace, you still have good heat.


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