I thought the portable air conditioning was the perfect idea.

Over the last couple of months, I had noticed that my energy bills were continually climbing.

I know that when summer arrives, the energy bills do climb. There isn’t anything odd about this since the air conditioning is constantly running. My energy bills seemed to be much higher than I remembered. I looked back through the past year, and there was a definite change in my usage from last year to this year. I thought maybe I could save some money if I were to up the thermostat to eighty. Eighty would keep the house from getting mold buildup if I had to go away for business, which I often did. I also bought a portable air conditioner for when I was home. I could run the air conditioner in the rooms I was in, and supplement the AC without using as much energy. I bought a portable AC unit that was said to be very efficient. The first couple of hours the air conditioner worked really well. I began to notice a lot of rattling sounds when the fan turned on. I couldn’t even sleep the noise was so loud. I decided to call the manufacturer who told me to take the AC unit back to the store. The store offered to give my money back or to give me a new air conditioning unit. The man at the counter said he had never heard of this problem before. He said that if I had any further problems with the new AC unit, he would allow me to trade it in for any portable air conditioner that I wanted. Luckily, the new AC unit worked like it was supposed to and there were no loud noises.

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