I put a new HVAC system in my house before putting it up for sale.

I have lived in the same home for over twenty-five years.

My wife and I raised three children here.

We had birthday parties and anniversary parties out on the patio. Now our children are grown and out of the house. We are ready to downsize to a home made for two. As much as we hate leaving, we are thrilled to start looking for a new house. Before we can look at new houses however, we need to get this house on the market. We talked to several realtors, in an effort to find one who would sell our home properly. EVeryone we spoke to told us that if we wanted to get a good price, we would need to reseed the lawn and put in a new HvAC system. We had lived here so long that we hadn’t thought about needing a new one. Our furnace and air conditioning unit were still running efficiently. When they told us about the new HVAC system, I was in shock. My wife looked at me and put her hand on my wrist. She reminded me that our HVAC system had been installed shortly after we bought our house. She remembered how we had known we needed a new furnace and air conditioning unit after we moved in here. I knew she was right and I agreed. We put in the new HVAC system and within a month, we had someone wanting to buy the house. They offered us almost double what we could have got before fixing the lawn and installing the new HVAC system. Now we can start looking for our new home.

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