I love my radiant heated flooring.

Before I had my radiant heated flooring installed, I read all the reviews. There were some real horror stories about radiant heat. Some people complained about how many problems they had with the heating. They said it wasn’t efficient and they had to up the thermostat to nearly eighty if they wanted any good heat. There were a lot of complaints about how much it cost them for repairs. They said the heating system was always breaking down, and they couldn’t afford to make all of the repairs. I am prone to believe that maybe a lot of their problems were either their own fault or that of the HvAC company that did the installation. I know that some people don’t look at the age of their furnace or boiler, before having the radiant heated flooring installed. The problems with not having enough heat could come from the fact that their heating source is outdated. Maybe they should have had a new furnace or boiler installed when they had the radiant heating installed. This could have also had a lot to do with all of the repairs. If you had an HvAC company that wasn’t familiar with radiant heating, most specifically flooring, they could have done something with the installation. Before having radiant heating installed, you should make sure you have a company that has done this before. I haven’t had a single bit of trouble with my radiant heating and I would recommend it to anyone. It not only gives us great heating in the house, but it is also highly efficient to run. I would just suggest that you don’t have radiant flooring in the kitchen. It tends to heat up the granite and marble.
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