I didn’t think that would happen

I was shopping at our local dollar outlet just the other weekend plus I could not know what I was about to have found in there! They had HEPA air filters in this dollar outlet! This absolutely was not something I ever would have expected.

Because HEPA air filters that I buy are the top of the line when it comes to air filters for both central heating plus air conditioners, as well as your huge whole apartment air cleaners, who would have thought that you would ever be able to find HEPA air filters in a dollar store! It must have been some random packs overstocked from some heat plus cooling system supplier warehouse plus they sold the excess filters to the dollar outlet. That is our only guess. But they had these exclusive packs of the highest grade HEPA air filters which had 6 HEPA filters in them for 3 bucks each! This many HEPA air filters at the regular store plus price would be way more cash than that. So this was a steal I could not pass up! I ended up buying a few of these huge packs of HEPA air filters so I was well stocked up for a while. I already have a new central heating plus air conditioner method that I invested in only a little less than a year ago, plus I have been using HEPA air filters with the HVAC system ever since. I want nothing however the best air quality in our home, so this is precisely why I chose to go the HEPA air filter route. I am not sure how long this plan is going to last with HEPA air filters being in the dollar outlet, however I can tell you, as long as they have them, I will keep buying!

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