Don’t answer, I’m definitely coming for the A/C unit

Most people like to make everything way more difficult than it needs to be.

This is absolutely the case with me, as I attempt to end a romantic relationship & transport on with our life. Of course, this ex of mine can’t just make things easy so every one of us can efficiently transport forward. In fact, he steadfastly refuses to respond to our messages at all. This means, every one of us haven’t had any concrete resolution to our relationship & every one of us haven’t been able to supply our personal effects back to one another, then normally this wouldn’t be a substantial deal, however he has our small cooling system. There is honestly no way I will be abandoning our window A/C component when I walk away from this relationship. In fact, I’ve owned that little cooling plan for 10 times as long as I dated this geek. I bought the little window A/C component back in school when I lived in a small, poor beach house building. The rundown residence had almost no HVAC inside. There was allegedly a central cooling system, however it never worked when I lived there. Everyday was brutal, hot & humid, & our mornings were spent sleeplessly perspiring. At that point, I put together all of our savings & bought a tiny A/C window unit. Since then, I’ve taken our small cooling device with me everywhere I’ve lived. Including the single month that I lived with our ex. If he doesn’t decide to return our messages or engage in our final conversation, that has fine. But I will be coming to get our HVAC system.


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