Children & chores; at least I can tell when hubby skips air filter change

When you manage a household, you understand how difficult it is to get everyone on board with having to do their part.

For whatever reason, our several guys & hubby are insanely lazy when it comes to helping around our household.

I know adore 90% of the chores fall on our shoulders, & I am lucky if I can ever get them to contribute in any substantial way. It’s a single thing for me to be nagging the guys to put down their video games & wash the bathrooms, however it’s honestly psychotic that I have to worry about our hubby skipping out on his household duties. Namely, I am regularly and consistently upset that he is failing to take care of the central heating & cooling system. Since the indoor air quality control equipment is critical to the health & immune function of our entire extended family, I am quite upset with maintaining high quality indoor air. I trust that our beloved hubby should know the same about our central heating & cooling system, considering how much it would cost to purchase the HVAC equipment & pay for the professional replacement. In reality, hubby is rather flippant when it comes to arranging professional HVAC diagnostic appointments, caring for the filthy air duct system, & even decreasing the air filters. I will say that there has a single saving grace when it comes to necessary HVAC service & our lazy hubby. I can usually tell when he has not changed the air filters. Where the guys can lie to me about dusting the house for a few weeks, I just have to pull out the outdated air filter to tell if it is still jammed with pet hairs, pollen, & mildew. It’s no problem to catch our hubby red-handed.

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