Wanting to start new job at my physical best

Around a year ago, I was offered a significant promotion at my job.

The new job included a better title, higher wage and the need to relocate across the country.

I was more than willing to move from the frigid east coast to the warm west coast. I was allowed four weeks to organize the move and get settled into a new city. I decided to make some big changes prior to beginning a fresh chapter of our life. I hoped to look and feel at my best when I was introduced to new people and stepped up to handle greater responsibilities. I wanted to take advantage of suddenly living so close to the beach and spend some time enjoying the sunshine. I was determined to get in much better physical condition. Along with losing weight, my plan was to get healthier, stronger and toned. I knew I needed some help from a knowledgeable professional to achieve my goals within the time allowed. I came across a local health and wellness center that features private sessions with a nutritionist, one-on-one workouts with a fitness trainer and group classes. I enrolled in everything and sat down with the nutritionist. She developed a whole meal plan customized to my age, recommended weight and preferences. I quit eating fast foods and eliminated sugary drinks and coffee. I started eating a lot more fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains. The physical workouts with the personal trainer were intense. The sessions were demanding and downright hard. I stuck with it, worked hard and felt proud. The group classes were especially fun and motivational. By the time I relocated into a beach apartment and arrived for my first day at my new job, I felt way more confident.


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