There was a freeze scare in my area over a year back. All of us had the Heating component worked on the morning before the scare. The worker declared there was no concern with the gas furnace. The next morning, I had dinner like usual. The whole apartment felt absolutely cold though. Wondering the cause, I looked at the temperature control, which had been set at the normal temperature. The screen on the temperature control was not showing anything! No temperature readings, no working sounds when I tried to raise or lower the temperature. So next I tried washing the gross stuff inside the heater. I thought that might be the reason for the temperature control not working. Then I looked at the ductwork with the heater. I then scrubbed my ductwork, changed the gas furnace filter plus cleaned everything around the gas furnace. I tried several online suggestions despite the fact that I got nowhere. Meanwhile, the lake apartment got more and more cold. I tried calling the company who’d been there the night before, and several other Heating plus air conditioning service dealers. All of them were on other appointments and could not get me in for the day. I then realized what the issue was. I simply needed a new battery in my temperature control. That was the reason it would not link to my gas heater. I want so concerned about the heat, that I did not think the temperature control was the reason for no heat.

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