The hotel was cheap and the a/c reflected that

I’m constantly searching for a great deal.

I saw an ad for free tickets to the local water park! The only stipulation was that I attend a timeshare meeting plus then every one of us get the tickets. I packed up my family and on we went. The road trip was pretty great. The whole family was in the car as a group. I had selected a hotel room for a cost that seemed unbelievable at the time. I thought I just had some amazing fortune for us. After every one of us arrived at the hotel, the reason for the low price became clear. The room reeked of cigarettes, the bed linens were disgusting, plus some unsavory men were lurking on the premises. Both of us found another spot at about double the cost. I decided that every one of us could rough it for one evening. The hotel room was so cheap plus our water park tickets would be cheap. The trip was going to cost me hardly nothing. The hotel room was a problem. I should have just sprung for a better room. The air conditioner device was awful. I tried to adjust the controls. It promptly fell off in my hand. The night manager arrived to repair the issue but he could not do anything about a loose control knob. The air conditioner made a horrible shaking noise all night too. The constant on plus off of the cooling method kept us all awake for most of the evening. I then dropped the family off at the waterpark. I figured it was worth buying the tickets rather than do the timeshare meeting. I was not going to do anything horrible the next morning after that night.

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