Personal trainer provides methods to beat depression

Right after high school graduation, my older sister joined the army.

Amy was enlisted for around 3 years and spent most of her enlistment overseas.

When Amy finally came home, I hardly recognized her. She was no longer outgoing or confident. She was stressed, anxious and depressed. She struggled with keeping a job, had troubles sleeping and began drinking heavily. There were days when I couldn’t get her to get out of bed. Sometimes, Amy would go several days without eating. I was extremely concerned for my sister’s health and state of mind. She tried various medications but wasn’t agreeable to the horrible side-effects. She tried therapy, but it didn’t seem to make much difference for her. After dedicating a lot of time to researching alternative possibilities for treatment, I signed us both up to workout with a personal trainer. Back in school, my sister was an amazing athlete and made physical fitness a priority. She and I sat down with the personal trainer and Amy and I were totally forthcoming about her issues. The trainer was super supportive and encouraging. She spoke with us about the importance of good nutrition. She told us that the right fuel provides more energy, better sleep and a stronger body. She suggested a meal plan catered to each of us individually and warned Amy against the drawbacks of drinking alcohol. The training sessions were demanding. As Amy completed the challenges, I saw her gaining confidence and becoming more motivated. She started working out on her own and devoting free time active hobbies. The workouts with the personal trainer have completely transformed her attitude. Any now makes plans for the future and has set bigger goals. She feels strong, happy and healthy.

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