Personal trainer helps me lose weight for my wedding

When my boyfriend, Kevin asked me to marry him, I was absolutely ecstatic.

I was excited to start planning the wedding. I immediately went dress shopping and wasn’t satisfied with the image I saw in the mirror. Before I stood next to my new husband and posed for a series of photographs, I wanted to lose some weight. I tried some fitness videos I found online but they tended to be either too easy or hard to follow. I tried running outside but became discouraged due to nasty dogs, potholes, traffic and severe weather. I eventually joined a gym with the hope that this would make a difference. I was very conscientious about going to the gym every evening after work. Unfortunately, I had no clue how to utilize the majority of the machines and there was nobody available to assist. I was confused over how much weight to lift or how long I should spend on each exercise. With only so much time to get in shape prior to the wedding, I began to get discouraged. Then I saw a flyer posted at the gym advertising the services of a personal trainer. I contacted her right away and explained my goals. The personal trainer was especially supportive of my needs and said that I could reach them. I needed to implement some changes to my eating habits. I quit eating bread, potatoes, pasta, all junk food and candy. I added kale, spinach, broccoli, tofu, green beans and fruit smoothies into my regular diet. I trained with the personal instructor several times per week and she motivated me to stick with a strict workout plan and to get active in-between our sessions. She showed me how to safely exercise and encouraged me to push myself. While the sessions with the personal trainer were strenuous, I felt really refreshed and accomplished each time I completed them. As I started to see a difference in my weight and body shape, I was eager to continue. By the day of the wedding, I was not only satisfied with my appearance but felt so much healthier and stronger as well.

Personal Fitness Trainer