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The wet air quality also kept it very cool in the house

Climate change is a buzzword. All of us all understand that temperature changes from time to time. A lot of men and women don’t understand what is causing global warming. Is it caused by us or by other forces of nature? Is the planet warming or getting cold? If every one of us do nothing, are every one of us going to perish in 10 years or simply go on our merry way as always? I feel that climate is controlled by the alignment of the sun and planets, but not every one of us does. Nothing is going to change that. My kids beg to differ. They watched a few shows plus videos online. Basically everything told them that every one of us are doomed unless every one of us make the choice to go back to the cement ages before the times of fossil fuels. The children begged me to turn off the AC, crack the windows plus let the natural breeze keep us cool. The first week was quite nice. There was no sound of the air conditioner going, only the hum of the fans. The outside air was sweetened by the rain. The wet air quality also kept it very cool in the house. Both of us slept well with the night sounds of bugs, plus trees rustling in the peaceful wind. I was happy at the idea of a tiny electric bill plus the kids felt great over their efforts to save the planet! By about 4:00 p.m. the next morning it was around 90 degrees.
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