In school, I was an all-around sports guy. I had great strength, stamina and speed. My teammates loved it but opponents would grow worried as the soccer games went on. It was a surprise when later in life I got some dizzy periods. I always was the pinnacle of fitness plus healthy. Where did this issue come from? I thought for a while it was pollen irritations. That was not it however. For days I woke up feeling tired plus a shower in the morning didn’t help. After my bi-weekly chores, I drove to my brother’s lake apartment plus felt somewhat better. In the background, I could hear the air conditioning switching on at daily intervals. I never thought of it until I went outside plus the heat struck once more. In the car, I was great despite the fact that I got dizzy periods a few hours after arriving home. I sat down despite the fact that I started to get hot as soon as I got to bed. I realized that it was not pollen irritations, being weak or my age. The issue with being tired was all cooling related. I did not own any AC except for a window cooling unit. I made the choice right then plus there to update to central cooling. After having nice air conditioning for a week, I was no longer dizzy. Apparently I can’t handle intense heat, that is it. A little cooling absolutely went a long way for me.

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