I have constantly enjoyed the early fall season! You are done with the days of scorching heat plus the humid days of the warm season. There is no snow on the ground or lots of rain… Fall just has the best weather out of all the seasons. As a young girl, I never understood how seasons altered or how the position of the earth changed the weather. All I knew was that the rays of the sunshine would come through my house. The glow would make me look ahead to the morning coming. During the warm times, I’d sneak out of bed to alter the air conditioning settings. I knew my dad disliked that the air conditioner would be on in the fall. He felt autumn plus Springtime meant no Heating plus A/C. He wanted to only have an air conditioner for the warm season plus heat in the Winter. That is just not possible in our location. I had to sneak a little cooling around him while I was in warm fall days. He always would blame my mom for decreasing the air conditioner settings. Mom was the one always feeling a bit warmer than most due to hot flashes. He would say she changed the air conditioner settings due to menopause. I am blissful she never told on me. I enjoyed having a little air conditioner while I was in the hottest portion of the morning. How much extra currency could it have cost as well? I’m sure my mother silently thanked me for the few times I snuck out to adjust the air conditioning.

It was only a battery


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