Home office gets HVAC it deserves

The transition from a nice, corner office with impeccable HVAC comfort and all the amenities to a former guest room has been considerably intense.

I imagine much of that has to do with the beating my ego just took not too many months ago.

After decades of successfully navigating the corporate world, I was caught completely off guard by a random turn of events. One afternoon, I went to a weekly meeting but was asked to stay behind after the meeting was concluded. The fact that the new, big boss was there should have tipped me off. I was out of that sweet HVAC maintained office and out of the job that went with it. No, lateral move offered; just a minimal severance and a box with my stuff in it. Shock doesn’t begin to describe my feelings on the afternoon. It took me a few weeks to even want to get up to shower and shave. I had no idea what came next and I still had a decade or more of earning to do. Finally, with the support of my wife, I got my feet under me and started looking for work as an independent consultant. I was happy to be able to get almost immediate revenue. But, I wasn’t too happy with the guest room I was working out of. So, I took some of that severance and put in a dedicated ductless HVAC unit for just my new office. That was a big step toward getting on with it. Now, I almost like my home office better than my old one. However, I do miss that corner office view. You just can’t beat that.


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