Health and wellness center provides recovery after work accident

Most of the exercises were to build up our core muscles

A little over three years ago, I was involved in an accident at work. I work on construction sites, and I fall from the scaffolding. The accident resulted in broken bones in my legs and arms, torn muscles, concussion and a broken rib. I was hospitalized for several weeks and underwent several surgeries. After I was released, I particpated in physical rehabilitation. I utilized every medical service my workman’s compensation paid for. Unfortunately, once I was done with all of the treatments, I still dealt with a great deal of pain and stiffness. I wasn’t strong enough to go back to work and had difficulty with easy, everyday tasks. It was a challenge for me to drive, mow the lawn or pick up anything heavy. The aches and pains made it hard to get comfortable or relax. I most often slept sitting up in a recliner in the living room. When I complained to my doctor, he suggested I try out the services at a local health and wellness center. I’ve always made physical activity a priority and I was not happy with my inability to work out, ride my bike, canoe, rock climb or any of the activities I used to enjoy. I was skeptical that the health and wellness center would be able to provide much improvement. However, I was willing to try anything. I signed up for group classes as well as a series of training sessions with a personal instructor. The workouts were customized to my physical challenges. I started with light weights and there was a huge focus on strength training. There was also a push for greater flexibility and balance. Most of the exercises were to build up our core muscles. Within two weeks, I saw considerable improvement. After four weeks, I was able to return to work and there was a lot less pain.